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Star Report - Aircraft Lessee/Lessor Report

Four reports showing Top 25 Lessee's and Lessor's also count by Model of Lessee/Lessor, Co-Lesee/Sub-Lessee and Lessee/Sub-Lessor, A count by Model on number of leased/not leased, percentage of fleet [$325.00]

Star Report - Aircraft Sales Statistics

One report showing Aircraft Sales Statistics by Quarter from 2000 to current. Number of transactions, for-sale, percentage changed, average number of months on market [$100.00]

STAR Reports Full

These are the most up-to-date, statistically accurate market information and indicators available in the world. Our team has listened to the industry and we are offering this complete package of 29 market reports with monthly updates shipped directly to you every month. Market research analysts in both commerce and the aviation industry will allow you to make daily decisions regarding their products and services. This holds true especially in today’s complex and competitive markets. These decisions, important to the welfare of their companies, must be based on the best available information gathered. JETNET/AVDATA has met these concerns with the STAR. Industry executives, financial institutions and scholars can explore current trends in aviation. The net result will give industry leaders and decision makers the best possible tool for gaining strategic marketing techniques. The CD-ROM provided is easy to use, with web pages to display the data. If you can surf the Internet you can use our report package. [$2,500.00]