For additional information regarding the products and services below or a customized aviation mail/email list please contact JETNET LLC for more information at 1-800.553.8638 US TOLL FREE or 41-0-43-243-7056 for International.


Evolution Aerodex is a version of Evolution tailored specifically for FBOs, maintenance shops and other service providers who need access to our accurate and timely database of worldwide aircraft owners and operators. You get the same fleet data and functionality as JETNET Evolution, without the Aircraft For Sale market.


Evolution Marketplace is JETNET's flagship web-based service designed for the active dealer, broker, or financial professional. Keep your finger on the pulse of the dynamic aircraft marketplace with the most detailed, accurate, and up-to-the-minute depiction of the entire business aviation marketplace. Marketplace LIVE instantly enables you to access the crucial market intelligence you need to make well-informed decisions ahead of the competition.

Marketplace Manager

JETNET Marketplace Manager is more than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Designed exclusively for aircraft professionals, it fully integrates and manages JETNET’s worldwide database of aircraft, their owners and operators. Add and organize your own contact information to develop your own exclusive combined database. Use Marketplace Manager to manage your sales and marketing efforts, with market analysis, market research, prospect management, and lead generation, including sold comparables, market surveys and more. Select specific aircraft, sort by ownership and sales histories, generate high-probability target lead lists, add custom notes, action items, and flagged prospects, easily manage prospect lists, and generate reports for importing/merging into scheduled emails. Use Marketplace Manager, the world’s most powerful sales tool, to create a view of the aircraft market tailored to meet your needs.