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Make/ModelDate VerifiedNotes
CHALLENGER 60409/24/2019Contact Mr. Alexander Janas 727-864-9443 OFF or by e-mail Has an immediate buyer for a Challenger 604 with US pedigree, that is 2020 compliant, 10-12 pax configured, has auto throttles and is under 5,000 hour ttsn.
FALCON 2000EX EASy07/02/2018Contact Mr. Alexander Janas 727-888-7016 or by email Looking to acquire a Falcon 2000EXy for a domestic client.
FALCON 7X08/21/2018Contact Mr. Alexander Janas 727-888-7016 MOB, or by e-mail Looking for an early model 7X for a US buyer.
KING AIR 350i09/28/2018Contact Mr. Garrett Burke 727-888-7016 MOB or by e-mail Has a qualified buyer for a King Air 350i equipped with Collins Pro Line Fusion. Prefer low time, later model and USA based.